More than 4,000 black Americans were lynched in the United States between 1865 and 1950.   

At least 40 were in Maryland.

These were often public spectacles; sadistic and grotesque displays meant to intimidate blacks and flaunt white superiority.  They were acts of domestic terrorism.

It’s clear that the legacy of racism endures in America's psyche and our society. We believe the injuries racism continues to inflict cannot be healed until it is confronted, that is: there must be truth before there can be reconciliation.

The Maryland Lynching Memorial Project is a 501(c)(3) organization that works to advance the cause of reconciliation in our state by documenting the history of racial terror lynchings, advocating for public acknowledgement of these murders and working to honor and dignify the lives of the victims. 

Truth first.

Board of Directors

Will Schwarz, President
Pennant Productions, Ltd

Iris Barnes, Ph.D., Vice President
Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum

Charles L. Chavis, Jr., Ph.D.
George Mason University

Anthony Cohen
Menare Foundation

Nicholas Creary, Ph.D.
University of Iowa

Monica Lindsey
Connecting the Dots - Anne Arundel County

William H. Murphy, Jr.
Murphy, Falcon, and Murphy

Elinor Spokes, Secretary
Beth Am Synagogue

Monica Whippo
Baltimore City Schools